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A letter to humanity, With every new opening eye, I cry A new sigh, a new eye Born into this world Into the flames of splendor do we find ourselves to be
Working 9 to 5 on minimum wage, until old age. It's not about the money, honey. You don't fell brave, just like a slave, but you gave until you entered a maze. Confused and abused, you refuse to blow a fuse.
Morning has broken the sky is brokenLiving day to day with words left unspokenEating away because we aren't awokenFeeling like our efforts are in vain, they are token  
They say you are who you are And the world does not make you You are who you want to be You are what you're good at You are you -- and no one else Bullshit You parents mold you like clay
He stared at the mirror untilhis reflection moved differentthus revealing his enemythis doppelganger hiddenbehind his dresser glass.He punched—shattered itscattering this entity into
As I have gotten older, school has become less and  less
I wish the education system was designed to teach me realistic life lessons
Blind, Oblivious, Bastards     I see you all, I hear you all, I know you all You do not see me, you do not hear me, you do not know me     You speak loud words of nothing
Worthless Numbers
Memorizing data to spit back out verbatim That’s not learning Banking our self-worth on a letter That’s not learning Staying up so late that the book get’s blurry and our brain gets fuzzy That’s not learning
We all got the same mentality Quit school, do your thing, be what you want to be But no one wants to put the work in No one has the courage to go against the government
You tell us to prepare for college  And cram our brains with useless knowledge That won't help us in our lives Won't help us support our wives   Why am I learning about pre-calculus,
  We have ceased the pursuit of knowledge In turn clipping the wings of imagination And violently stunting the growth of creativity We have given in to the monotonous drawl
I asked myself, what the FUCK is education? A nine letter noun that involves complete concentration... I ended up searching the actual definition, the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction.
You have a degree That says you can tell me If I'm right  Or if I'm wrong. You have a certificate And even when I'm sick of it You possess Carte-Blanche martial law. You say no child
Force me into  A desk Pass me a paper,  Pass me a test, No,  no! Is that your own thought? It's not allowed here,  It's absolutely not! This is school, where your learn 
Sit and listen What do you hear? Words melding together that make no sense to you? Lectures on subjects that are confusing and boring? Why aren't you learning You just don't get it
My brother Make your legacy live in history The past of segregation lingers onto our present communities, And its comedy is somehow becoming our young brothers and sisters you see..
"You're stupid." "You're unworthy." "You're a disappointment." I would hear time and time again. I hear them carousel through my mind. No one ever told me I was stupid or unworthy,
It’s This system I’m stuck in inescapable, impossible to win. Sitting for hours, blood pooling in the brain, Make my senses go numb, but leaves me the shame Of which they have none- But require you to feel,
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