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Why is it that our minds try to convince us that the worst is going to come true? And that even when you try to convince yourself other wise, it doesn't seem to work, no matter what you do.
The clock ticks slowly Yet fast and maliciously Time is running out No time to flee Heart hammering Breath quickening Bones paralyzed Quaking with fear In shoes that are
Pink, Fluffy, Swirled world.   What shall we call this, This creation? A sunset.   It's wonderful, Some could say, Perfect.   Far from it dear,
I look at people and see,  see the truth and power they carry. I want that within me, why can't this be?   Words cause pain, you may not know it, but I look at my eyes and all I see is rain,
Do not let things give you a frightThough they may,Fight them with all your might. There may be something that has a strange sight,But with that I say,Do not let things give you a fright.
Every morning, I attach this, Balloon to my belt. Never have I felt, So weightless, Unsparing, regardless.  
Where are you when the children call? Memories revive at fixed scents. The way your hair swept in the wind. Your hands, delicate and soft objects.   Tell me, how are you nowadays?
i am void i am powerless not special completely worthless i am forgotten or i will be soon i expect to be depressed but this is not doom i open my mouth in a new light
Give me liberty or give me death. They taught me that, but I can’t even take a breath. They stare with distaste, that test was an accident please don’t hate.
i wonder to this day - was it a power thing? 'cause that's sure how it felt sitting small in my chair trying to curl in on myself hoping to dissolve into nothingness like the salt in my tears  
It is stagnant.The dark intimidates me.My subconscious is cruel.There is a suspension of time that I am profoundly aware of.He's here! He speaks to me. The words are incoherent and stumble though my mind.
In the black of night the fear is found, An om'nous glowing Baskervillian Hound.   To fight it is to stay awake and pray, And wait for comfort from the dawn of day.  
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