How They Punish Me

Give me liberty or give me death.

They taught me that, but I can’t even take a breath.

They stare with distaste,

that test was an accident please don’t hate.

My eyes were filled with bullet points, dashes, and numbers that night;

I got to class, BOOM, it all erased, I blame my fright.

They think I am a fool,

That I can’t be uncool,

They think I was out with the girls

I get no make up test, I suppose.

I feel like they are locking me up

Giving me no justice, it is messed up

My frights shouldn’t be overlooked

Teacher, I promise you, I am not alone, the list is overbooked.

I am important and I am attempting to reach the stars.

Some don’t understand, look at these scars.

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