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Something I hear, One too many times. The excuses to cover up the lie. “I’m not racist, but...” Is the way for prejudice, To be disguised?
Hands ache as the cold metal cuts in deep Pressed unyielding to ensure obedience No resistance to an entrenched position of power   I can't breathe   Back is bruised and full of tension
That one black kid Sits head in arms to keep hid From the stares in the class  Left feeling like glass Cause today’s lesson is about slavery
Protect your neck minstrel man while you  still have a chance.    Protect your neck minstrel man be more than a song and dance.     
We see things in colour white is pure black is adulterated this is for sure at least that’s what he says...  
Privilege? I’m sorry I seem to have forgotten what that word really means. You see it’s been forced in my ears and down my throat so many times I’ve become numb to its bitterness.
From the trees we hung  in the midsummer breeze   Unforgivable never to be freed left with the scars where we were once kings   
It put me in my feels You broke open my seals   I wanted to speak my mind But knew I had to somehow be kind
Humanity used to be beautiful,But it is poisoned by sin.Hate grows as Man lets it sprout,It causes hurt, suffering, and deathStop this deadly disease For the People of the World.  
I am the suffragette who told Black women to march at the back Even though their cause was mine I am Hillary Clinton who was Tough on Crime
Slavery...the practice of forcing an individual to work, With absolutely no pay.Hustling early morning to late night in the fields,With undoubtfully no say.Day by day, the slaves pray,To make it out alive, knowing they must stay. Bull whips constr
I don't understand why I am less of a person because of my heritage. My skin is brown and it is lovely it is beautiful there is nothing wrong with me. Who are you to tell me
Hi, im a 14 year old kid that got bullied yesterday, but im not sad because of that, im sad because my friend also got bullied but in a differnet way.
I can see the watered-down half-truths in your eyes. Your lips form textbook words; whitewashed lies, Backhanded apologies because you are allergic to blame.
Dear racism, Who are you to tell me who I can be? My skin is nothing but color, but you’re stuck on the fact that we are another. All you see is black and white, meanwhile I’m seeing light.
You see meBarely five feet tallDark frizz sticks on my headA bridge connects my browsFuzz covers my breastsHairs line the rolls of my stomach
America The home of the free The home of the brave Devoid of the racists, sexists and slaves Or so they've told us since we were so small
I want to apologize I know I've disappointed you over the last few years I'll try and do better   I apologize for using proper grammar
Land of the free home of the brave Try and say it at Trayvon's grave
My mother has green eyes They still call me a negro She has straight hair too But they still call me a clicker   My father has skin that’s black like cocoa
  People ask me what to me makes America. If you ask 1,000 people you will get 1,000 answers, some good some bad, so let me just lay down a few facts.  
The land of the free Oh, the possibilities that there could be Free to exist as our true selves Whether in religion or thought That is was at least what I was taught
Our country is dividing down the middle- So divided, it's crumbling.   One side begs for justice, and their rights. They beg for it to stop-
Strange fruit, hanging from the poplar trees, were supposed to be distant memories. As if 150 years is enough time to learn to accept your decrees that all men are truly equal.
As I leave my house I grab my bible and look around, up from the ground the ground I've been staring at my whole life, never seeing those around me only what I wanna see.
It's funny because a couple years ago I thought racism was over It's funny because when my mom told me segregation still exists I didn't believe her.
Kendrick said with his pen he's the hypocrite of 2015Well line up boys cause I'm the one for 2016I'm white just like the moonlight that were wolves shed their skins in
Equality is something fought for Yet this war has yet to stop Hasn’t anyone noticed we don’t need this anymore? We are all equal bottom to the top America stands for the land of the free Yet you don’t see
So rich in flavor, natural and raw It's no clue no one can withstand my Exploding, mouth-watering taste so pushed to the side They leave me a waste..  
how am i supposed to feel, when we live in a world where it's a crime to feel? when i was a little girl, i was happy, i was bold. i could run with the wind, the air was almost rushing thorugh my blood;  cooling my veins.
how am I supposed to feel, when we live in a world where it's a crime to feel? when I was a little girl I was happy, I was bold, I held freedom, despite what they spoke.
I heard a song on the radio About fucked up kids I heard a speech about kids that were spoiled And kids that didn't understand the real world I heard stories about kids making mistakes
Often times I wonder, Why we act, react, act, and repeat. I grew up in a house that says no to discrimination, I grew up in a society that says yes. I grew up in a church that says to love everyone,
I have grown up with people of all colors, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds I have seen the ignorance and hate towards my best friends, neighbors, and peers No one can choose their color. I want to change the World now
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