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My eyes open slowly, as my bones and muscles ache and crack. The pains of an illegal twelve year, pains no other boy should have. An education is the most important in life, my mother engraved into my head.
RejectionWanting a dreamLonging for what is not easily possessed DeterminationSeeing the imaginable futureA solvency of a teachable past
Can you guess what makes me tick? Let me just say, it's worse than mosquito bites or any rainy day. No, it's not cold oatmeal or when my mom changes it from my favorite song,
Every time I see your faceI feel infuriatedYou think you look coolBut all you do, is greatly unappreciatedYou're always out thereTrying to impress me
There are a few things, That always seem to drive me nuts And in case you were wondering It includes hating your guts! Starting from your head Down all the way to your toes You're that ONE thing
What really makes me tick? Dealing with routine, bogus shtick. Understanding this requires more than the gist. Nothing slick, nothing missed, just the worst possibe itch.
Bullies and guns are not that different,
I feel the hot breath graze across my neck. Raising each and every hair onto their tippy toes, Please, give me three feet!
Top three things that makes me tickI promise that this will be quickI’m not that irritable but these made my list:
Over thinking is explosive But what is it that makes me tick? Is it the clouds, the grass, the trees? Nature's beauty that clicks and click It inspires my art and turns my soul
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