Aching Bones

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 21:06 -- Lavix3


My eyes open slowly, as my bones and muscles ache and crack.

The pains of an illegal twelve year, pains no other boy should have.

An education is the most important in life, my mother engraved into my head.

I had no choice but to believe her, my childhood had been the proof she said.

She weeped with anger and frustration, this is not wanted she had said.

Her tears gently fell on my cheeks as she embraced me tight.

From that day I had a fire lit in my heart, anger and hatred towards the life I've had.

Frustrated with the endless struggle that is my life, I move forward with every scar I have.

I take the pain and injuries as a lesson, that education is a must

My rough and rugged hands remind me of the work I've endured.

My mothers aching legs and my fathers dirt stained hands, remind me of the sacrifice they made.

Now I grit my teeth and scream from inside as I work day and night.

The goal is clear and I will achive it, no matter the cost.

For I've payed the price of sweat and blood.


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