The Space I Need


1533 Cedar Gtae Circle
United States
46° 49' 9.21" N, 92° 8' 53.4336" W

I feel the hot breath graze across my neck.

Raising each and every hair onto their tippy toes,

Please, give me three feet!

But to no avail, a defiant hand is placed upon my shoulder.

 Its strong, bony grip is too firm for my pleasure.

I might just lose it.

Don't touch me!

Yet it gets closer.

The only thought that crosses my brain is GET AWAY.

The hand starts to pat me aggresively and the breath travels onto my ear lobe and knocks on my ear drum.

What?! What do you want?!

Anything for it to go away.

The breath whispers as the hand gets firmer,

Do you have any mints?



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