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Soon sixteen and life has not been a dream. I am told life is not supposed to be hard, yet it is for the little girl.  
CHILD Child is something warm to hold Child is something more often than not you have to scold Child is happiness Child is tears Child is someone who needs you to calm its fears Child is play
There's no more school, So I'm going to do something cool, I'll have so much fun, I just wanna run, Then I'll get into the pool
page 1 my mom gave birth to me she could not take care of me she was not mature enough so she give me to my mama so my mama was taking care of me  i was 10  when my mom came back 
13 is my favorite number i wanted two be 13 forever but 13 is my favorite number yall haters can hate all you want im gonna be a rapper and a legend yall can hate
What can I be? Shall I be another person, Wasted talent on a fast-food job, Living paycheck to paycheck, No smiles, only dread, Another lifeless body roaming the streets.  
Today, a day like any other, the summer winds blow gently through an open door, I am happy, content, filled with hope for the future.
Blamed for the bottle I'll never forget. Blamed for the abuse Hovering over me, reeking of the stench Pouring out drunk love At any moment it felt like this could be it. All I could do was sit and listen.
A bling of an eye you see you imagination then you see your family
I was born 4/20/1969 I made my mother moan as I slide right out of her meat pocket. She was the first women I would ever make moan. I lived a simple life besides my massive fucking peen.
Every nun wears a ring Brides of god  an astonishing act, as if deception of hell came true with bush marks and artists cheering   Rain is wetting windows, but what about trees
This is the dark time,my love, all round the land brown beetles crawl about. the shining sun is hidden in the sky, red flowers bnd their heads in awful sorrow.   This is the dark time,my love
When i was stumbling in the dark,confused and crying out for help, this friendly fello seemed amused;   And while i fought like anything to keep the candle lit  he cheerfully reviewed
ayy turn it dj im was walking down stairs yea feel on sum glass bitches wanna laught ''yeah''.... cause all the niggas mad yeah
Questions in my mind Floating inside without any answer, I am mum right now Got nowhere to go Darkness surrounding No chance of light Vivid vision Nonetheless I am firm. Firm but clueless
Baby boy, I can’t even contemplate what you’re going through, and when you go out those doors I always worry about you, but hey, I know I raised you with morals and values...
One tiny peck of the lips. It’s one little tiny kiss. It’s so simple. It’s so easy. No. No, it is not. Movie screens lie.
a woman who cant wait to get out has a child, but she does it with no doubt she wants to have fun with no child so she packs her bags to go out with the next man with no doubt.., no doubt  
after a long time I stopped all my absurd crime i cleaned my wardrobe eventhough it was not an important one for the globe I found a CD caste I thought of doing it a taste i fed it to my computer system
(This poem was written when I was young) In the morning, the sun rises Like a glowing ball Full of anger and rage But never small   Every day always shining Hot and bright
I have a dream.No not a regular dream, A big one.A dream where you can mouth myriad things and ideas what this generation has come up to be.We live in a world with a lot of subtletiesBut am I realizing the unobtrusive things around me?Colored peop
Bunny hops around, All day and night, Looking searching, Yarning for Adventure.   Bunny doesn't know, Where they belong,
 The world is on fire and flooding as well, The most powerful country is going to hell   The princess and prince have stepped down from royalty And rights are debated as if we aren’t dying  
You smell sweet like something i want to touch I see you, they don't but you don't understand that. I wish you did you are warm and rosy in my thoughts i will be very honest here,
I am from sunshine From long summer days spent  making mudpies and pretending  to be mermaids before mom called us inside   I am from a community, close-knit, we came together
Growing up in this world is Like metamorphosis.  Our small bodies evolve into five feet tall humans
I wait, I listen  For my heart is a new As it whistles and glistens My mind occupied  And I try to deny That a rose in blooming  Is a bud's undoing But I have yet to learn
sun illuminates the sky  and these golden maple leaves  as i'm looking up at you and these october fallen trees  thinking of the pumpkin patches  and the bouncy house before 
sun illuminates the sky  and these golden maple leaves  as i'm looking up at you and these october fallen trees  thinking of the pumpkin patches  and the bouncy house before 
When I was a kid I could fit my little kid clothes but when I started to grow It suprised me so much that my clothes didn't fit no more If I wore them now they would've tore
These pink curtains, God these pink curtains Disgusting if I do say so myself Still up there, swaying with the wind that entered my stuffed-animal filled room through the opened window,
Eyes, shadowed soliloquies, by sleepless nights whisper goodbye and rest under dogwood blossoms. Branches of dove flowers, taking off to blue iris skies.   Dreams reflect my gut
I shower twice a day Hoping that maybe I can wash off my stubborn filth Because every day, I look in this mirror Only to see the mistakes that I’ve made
I shower twice a day Hoping that maybe I can wash off my stubborn filth Because every day, I look in this mirror Only to see the mistakes that I’ve made
Waves create circles that signify the triangles above   They finally seperate  From the left  From the right  She shoots up  Her white light  Indeed a sign from God 
  Piece for the walkout   In all this damnass cold You and I create, Bicker, conclude, articulate. In all this damnass cold
He wants to be an artist so he takes out his brush. He takes out his canvas and paints a picture. He doesn't need paint , for his brush is his knife and his canvas is his wrist. As the blade slashes his wrist , the paint drips down.
Words here and words there just tell me which one is best Which memory should I consult? Tell me what you suggest.
I remember when we hug each other I made an oath to you that was hidden In these few years I became a mother I broken this oath it was forbidden
The universe created you, made you my maker. You followed the breadcrumbs to the creation. Abandoned seed of failure, a beautiful risk to admire, appetite to reach the universal emotion, wasted years of blooming to rescue the putrefaction.
Look at her look at you do you see those scars like I do?   They hide within your skin to blend in   You forget about it over time, but did you know it was an abused crime?  
Hop across the pads of lily To where the grass is blue and silly Swing among the baobab trees And float like a leaf upon the breeze. Then head over yonder, You'll find me there, Where the earth is rich
Gun control Something that's important  Our world is at stake Brothers Sisters Murdered At what cause? No control
Once upon a time,There was girl named Faith,She got ridiculed,And told she was a guy. She was always wearing a mask,To cover up her face when she's sad, depressed, angry,And most of all the guy-ish look she was told she has. One day she decided to
You were supposed to be full of love, and there for me whenever I needed you. If I had a monster under my bed, you were supposed to be my knight in shining armour. But instead you were the monster,
Dear Nephew, You are small but mighty, magnificent and daring, bold with grace, and fearless till the end. Spunk is the definition of your soul, and wonder your ambition in life. The path before you,
Hush...Be quite little girl Don’t speak Just Smile without your teeth Hush...Be quite little girl You should be afraid  Just look good for the men and shouldn’t care what they say
They told me that I would not pass, He told me that I would never understand, She told me that nobody would ever like me, But look who's wrong;   Today I passed my final exam,
Pool Boy, You were just a boy, sixteen years young - (blank) neighbor. (Blank) demons derive from our paths crossing when (Blank) was 4. The day was hot, wearing nothing but the trainning bra and
Little girl, little girl What do you see with Those brown eyes of yours? I see my daddy throwing mommy
Who am I Who are you  You are a dictator A violator You flip your script  Your face is day and night I live in a cript scared in fright You hate me yet You say you love me
My Overalls by Jasmine Exinia   Dark blue jeans Minnie on the pocket Skechers lighting up when she stomps Little girl in overalls just having fun
  Its funny how when people look at me and they see me…They don't see meBecause I am not me I haven't been me in a long time…I hide in the closet where it’s nice and safeJust because i’m in a closet doesn't mean i’m gayI'm gay because I like guysW
I want to go home. But I have not. And you cannot want for what you don't have. So I'll stay, I'll be silent and not make a sound.
If any child goes to bed hungry We can do better, If our veterans live on the streets, We can do better, If our sick die without proper care, We can do better,
An antique frame with nothing inside Four cornered and bland hanging for the freedom of emptiness A bare-built shell challenging the curiosity of wholeness.   Imagine all the scraps
We were all children once, but we all grew up at one point. We had lead different lives and did different things.
Oh revered statesman, what is the cost, sir For all of your bombs, for all of your wars Can we set aside money to afford To provide a loving home to foster To shield the innocent from their monster
Will the sand stop the ocean From devouring all of me Can I be counted among the broken Or am I forgotten and left unseen
We may be good We may be bad But we all must look forward Because our future lies ahead.
Please say something I’m giving up on you The silence is almost too much to bare Utter my name so I know you still care
What is worse ?
What happens when caps and gowns become funeral garments to the mourning? Eulogies being given by the Valedictorian To a student body adorned by honor’s sashes tear stained
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