the little mermaid

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She had so much hope. To be loved and receive so much, Only to end up here in a cave. Where not even the damned souls, cared to stay
The piercing eyes resemble a passage way Pulling me in and out like passing waves. The mystery behind the complexity of the face, The light furrows found in his forehead Demonstrate the human condition;
“Ariel!” Prince Eric shouts to his fair maiden after Ursula kidnaps her back to the sea. Eric jumps in the water with the appearance of aiding. Battle after battle, breath after breath.
How rough the waves doth crash  How deafening the raging waters No one can tame these beasts Like great blue demons   Under the water lies a girl Unhappy with her form
once upon a time in a ocean cave down deep there was a mermaid with red hair who really really wanted feet she wanted to explore more than the ocean had to offer and she had had sixteen years
I've never been upon the land, I've only been within the sea. I can't help but to imagine, What the landlings think of me. They have feet and legs, I have fins and a tail, They live with cats and dogs,
Ariel, Ariel a girl of sixteen. Wanting to be more than a fish in the sea. Unfortunately, she can't take away those genes. All she wants to do is flee.   She spends her days watching people.
It's Not Unusual   Ariel is a beauty beyond compare, at least To those with her in the medical bay The sea of disease, ever present In the lantern lights, the rusted gears
Once upon a time there lived a kind, charming merman named Ariello whose mother was Queen Tritina, ruler of the sea Ariello was fascinated with humans and longed to live on land
Here I am, king of the sea However true now, it wasn't always me My father once ruled over these waters He looked after me, and his five daughters One daughter stood out among the rest
Once upon a time, Far below the ocean’s waves A mermaid girl was born In those dark, glittering caves   She swam with her sisters But fell in love with the shore Though no humans or princes
Once upon a time A mermaid was curious About life on land   Ariel could talk But her life would be shortened With each word she spoke   She loved a human
There under the sea A mermaid longed for the land But it was no more
blue turned to gold.   Prince Eric   Turned away   Ursula found Me   lost alone dry   love takes you strange places.
Everyone knows the story of The Little Mermaid right? Young mermaid falls in love with a dashing prince at sea and marries him and they live happily ever after? Wrong. Ariel was not interested in Prince Eric at all,
My name is Ursula, Maybe you've seen my picture around., But it's said that a picture is worth a thousand words, So let me tell you the one you haven't heard. I liked Triton, king of the sea,
Once upon a time, a baby girl was born. Her curls were free and her eyes could smile. A voice, so sweet, her being did adorn, but without her legs, her life was full of trials.
Once upon a time Before you or me There was a young girl Who lived in the sea Although she had A voice like no other When she sang She sounded just like her mother
  The surface, as I reach it, quivers and shakes  as the shining sun pours down onto my face.  My sisters before  warned me of the heat,  of the glare; yet I swim to the top, 
Once upon a time there was a girl Who fell in love with a hero He swept her away to another world 
Once upon a time There sat a dock in Naples Here was a girl born a guy And she rested on the maple   The year is twenty-seventeen The time of day is dusk Beneath the water lays a gleam
Once upon a time There sat a dock in Naples Here was a girl born a guy And she rested on the maple   The year is twenty-seventeen The time of day is dusk Beneath the water lays a gleam
The ship rocks gently               in the night.               The sky is painfully clear-                             stardust and moonlight throwing out
Once upon a time... There was a girl with hair of a deep crimson and eyes a deep sea blue Her body was slim and usual Until her tail of some strange sea-creature began at her waist
You’re a girl in a world where your voice gets cut before people get to listen. Mother and Father tell you to hush, child, Let the adults do the talking.  
Oh me oh my, how do I begin Well, when once I was of a ruling kind, following in the footsteps of my kin But brother dear never saw things my way, all of my ideas were of sin
I watched them walk, As they talked. I watched them run As they glowed in the sun. They look so delighted As they are free to do whatever they wanted  Whilist I am down here in the sea,
  It is time for the truth to come out about evil Ursula the sea witch   Once upon a time there was a sad octopus named Ursula who longed to have a friend  
She always looked to the surface to see boats pass by. She claimed her love for humans is mere curiosity, Her father knew that this was an obsession. He warned her to never go to the surface,
Once upon a time....I should have listened to my father Once upon a time I should have listened to him speak.  Once upon a time he tried to teach me to love myself But once upon a time, all I wanted was to have feet. 
You know the story of the fish with the red hair And whenever you think of the bad guy, you think purple tenticles.  But what if you're wrong, what if she wasn't just a thick crazy bitch?  
Her poor unfortunate soul 
Everyone knows the story of The Little Mermaid, or so they think.   Our beloved Ariel thought that disobeying her father was the only thing she could do,  
Who has heard of the story of half the female in her fishy glory? Who won back a trident, while remaining silent.   Their story is long, filled with plenty o song.
  As the story goes, The mermaid gets legs and toes Just to chase the boy of her dreams. Is it really as easy as it seems? Is that really where Ariel's story ends?
My feet sink into the sand like I’m suppressing my old hopes and dreams I’m trying, don’t they get that? Every little detail in my life is a learning experience
I saw that the waves Were always moving, And always changing, And never made The same shape twice. And it was beautiful, But it was lonely, And I thought of you.  
I don’t want to be where the people are. I don’t want to see, want to see them dancing. Just want to be home on my Netflix account, Watching TV.   Making small talk doesn’t get you far,
My tangled feet drift through the weaving waves, scarlet scales hiding my skin. Eel whispers wind through my head, the poisonous words biting my ears.
“I’ll be part of their world,” she sang and swam To her collection of thingamabobs and whatchamacallits and whatsits. She made a lovely pair of legs and with a blade, Ariel tore her torso wide. The meat
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