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lovely wallflowerwhat you see is what you get~ sheer simplicity......Mark Toney ©️ 2021.11/4/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
I had friends. Many of them were cool but eventually they became too cool The Perks of being a wallflower I read this book made me feel not so alone I wasn't alone, mentally
My hand reaches out,  Yet, I couldn't touch what I wanted.    Is it because my goal is too high? Am I not tall enough?   Was it too much to hope for,
They all act the same Same make up clothes and style All copy each other To one up another Try not to drown Or crack due to pressure To be like them I'll me
“Come on, little wallflower Let your petals show There’s no need to shy away Come on, give it a go” But the wallflower just shakes “No, no” She speaks to her friend “The things I hear
I write bad poetry to try and express my feelings to pretend I'm in control Just like the doctors told me to. But all I feel is the numbness. All around me is neutral. I wish I could just be normal.
Once a wall of soil a bright sun supposably kept it warm. But darkness of a vancant,
I really enjoyed how bubbly she and goofy he lindy hopped on smooth wood without looking in the studio mirror. It wasn’t so lovely once you came not to ask me to dance, but to call me a wallflower
tick tick tick tick... here we go again everything I see pounding agaisnt my head tick tick tick tick... trying to make sense trying to be unseen  
Walking down the halls  you are all that I see. Tall, Dark, and Handsome among the pale somber faces. You brighten up my day with thoughts of you loving me, but yet I know it can not be
Average. Normal. Nothing. Invisible. Wallflower. Silent. Passion quelled, pooling in hidden reserves. Opionions held, restrained without words.
If a flower was love, why pick it? The flower will die so leave it be and it will grow
We are surrounded by people and things, By those who are chained and by those who have wings, By those who love life and dare to dream, And by those who are scared to even be seen.
A wallflower, a whisper in the breeze, a silent presence. I am eyes and ears, but no mouth. I am no one.   I am jostled in hallways, stepped on and mown over.
Haven’t you ever wonderedwhat makes another shiver?The chills that go up and down their spineThey hold themselves together in a lonely embrace Haven’t you ever wondered,What makes another blush?When nothing would have caused itWouldn’t you like to
Unheard. Quiet as the wind. Not a sound. Startling others. Unseen. Invisible to the naked eye. Lurking everywhere. Ignored completely. Untouchable. Close yet distant. Unspoken words. Hard as stone. Unloved. Alone...Forever...Alone...
I stand here Never seen Never heard Never to speak Not one single word No one takes notice Or stops to stare For if I don't speak I'm not really there
I am a wallflower. I hear more than what is said, I see more than what is presented, And without explicit confirmation, I understand.   Beneath my cold and distant exterior
the perks of being a wallflower - how many times I've heard that title - how many times I've heard that line - as if it were a good thing as if being a wallflower were okay as if you could stand it  
When I see you, the butterflies go crazy. Flying and fluttering, Telling me the obvious. You smile and wave, Seemingly thrilled to see me, and I can't help but smile and wave back,
i watch the raindrops slide downi watch the cold creep upi watch the day turn to nightand i know i'm dying on the insidei want to tell you you're the onethe only one i lovebut i can't seem to find the words
I'm a listenerI sit back, I watch the showPerformed by those around meAnd I don't mind I prefer it this wayI laugh at jokes, nod in agreementTo the conversations others haveI don't feel left out
Your warmth is like the sun: it radiates, everyone around feels you beaming You suspend yourself in the sky, far away from me, and everyone else I’m out there, too, like the moon I’m hidden by your light
Slowly I walk, with a tray in my hands. My eyes won't leave the ground. It doesn't take long for a girl to get used to the cafeteria sound
You spent your early days in silence. watching from the sidelines but never really participating. they threw those cruel words at you through whispers behind your back. with your small ears you caught them
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