To Speak


I'm a listener
I sit back, I watch the show
Performed by those around me
And I don't mind

I prefer it this way
I laugh at jokes, nod in agreement
To the conversations others have
I don't feel left out

I can sit in silence for hours
Nothing is wrong
I am fine
I just want to observe

I don't have to feel the anxiety
Of glaring eyes burning into mine
Or wrestle with the words
That my lips can't seem to form

When I have something to say
I reach for my pen

When my voice fails me
I still have my thoughts
Flowing from the ink tip

A fountain of eloquence
From the girl who can hardly
A verbal

Though I'm content
With my position as a thinker
A listener
An observer
A wallflower

When I need to be a speaker
I choose to write


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