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Daisy and I were optimistic dreamers. We fell for each other when we were young. Love blazed like a fire in our hearts. Roses bloomed and birds sang on our wedding day. We promised to grow old together,
The telephone rings: I answer, Hello! The voice on the telephone says, “Hi, it’s Kristine.” “Did I wake you?” No, I wasn’t sleeping. “How are you?” I’m fine.
My eyes snap open Why am I  strapped to a chair? My mind is groggy. Where am I? Most importantly, Who am I?   I don’t know much But I know that I am comfortable, I am at peace,
He is the crisp air between my browsgolden rays highlightthe brown husks of his eyesthese eyelids flutter closedhis voice humbles me,like the leaves spiraling in the wind(a sound meant only for the moment).
O rotted scripts, yellowed as teeth, this agéd ivory Beauteous was the tongue that traced all glamor in thy tree Whisper to thee thy history, of how thou came to be Reveal to thee thy ancient tale of score and victory.
You asked me what I am. I am the daughter of those who rule the sea – a proud people.
Our two bodies pressed up together The warmth from his chest seizes my body His hands glides from my shoulder to my back and up again I am willfully intoxicated In love with his very touch
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