Sunday Berry

You asked me what I am.

I am the daughter of those who rule the sea – a proud people.

My progenitors, the King and Queen whose names can only be properly said in the language of our people, the language as fluid as the seas we rule.

You asked of my accolades:

To name them all would take far too many moons.

However, I will have you know they hail me as a creator

That rivals the sea goddess Nayru.

Possessor of Magiks so illustrious that that even the mightiest of warriors fall to knee.

I sing the songs of the passage of time and the motions of the seas

The deaf are brought to tears

And the blind see visions of nirvana

When the seas shook and the tides turned tumultuously on the rising of the third blue moon 

My people – The Dohmani – shook in peril.


Riding whirling tides opened the chamber hidden by four marble palace pools


I unleashed the powers of the three Golden Goddesses bestowed to my line by Hylia herself and shielded my people from the falling sky and the shaking seas.

You wanted a champion?

I am here.

I will sing the songs which calm the seas and create new plains beyond imagination


If you prefer

Dark, shadowy mazes of monsters and plague

Many would honored to see such spectacle,

As Magicks such as mine are not easily found.

There is no beauty in war

But must it truly be done

I will fight

With dignity and grace.

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