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And then I did Chemo!
In my Calculus class, a girl sat at the desk in front of me. She wore a beautiful necklace; I had never seen one so clear. A thin white wisp, spiraling so delicately, lay in center of the crystal heart.
I was walking that day and I saw that little girl. Beautiful. Happy. Smiling, totally perfection but how could I know? How could I notice? She was dying? And all I could say was why?
Dreaded words that no one longs to hear                                                      Echo                                                                              Echo
First I want to start off with “IM SORRY” I was angry, upset, devastated knowing that you were going through some serious shit that I didn’t have any control over.
Everyone Dreams But I dream differently Everyone wants to achieve But I want it vividly Family is my motivation
You constantly bug me and ask me whats wrongNot knowing you were the problem all alongThis pain has turned my heart coldSo cold it has blackened my soul
   Bodies in the sand, tight skin, shining eyes, messy hair,taute lips  kissed by the sunsrise. New life, wet air, rapid breathes pumping blood wide steps,big dreams.wet cheeks a rushing flood.
No such thing complexity is A state of mind in all its being Hope and fear gather here To try and give someone some more time   Those who weep because of the unknown
Sarah She was born into an orphanage Her reading disability is awful Her emotionally traumatized brain can't help it Her life spent without being wanted   Justin Wishes he didn't have parents.
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