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Ms. C, my favorite thing about writingIs taking time to really decode it,But in your class I’m frequently fightingWhen you imply that all our thoughts are shit.You lecture us, but last year Ms. K taught.
"Teacher, teacher don’t let me down. For we both hold my future in hand And don’t let your end hit the ground."   "Teacher, teacher don’t let me slip. Encourage me to believe that I have skills
You said, "email me with your concerns, I will respond as soon as I can." It's amazing how far from the truth this is I am not some unimportant fan.   This matter is important and cannot wait
  i am as sweet as a peach that has fallen from a tree  not because the wind blew but because it was ment to be  i carry intellegence within me, although few people may know,
A misplaced smirk sneaks onto my face as I enter the sea-foam walls of my tenth-grade Spanish class.   I remember last year, collecting coveted A’s on crisp paper as my older classmates
Why does a professor have to guess your race? Why do students laugh at the race comments that a professor makes? Is it funny to the minorities in class? No its not. I attend a university in Central Minnesota where it is dominantly white.
The curtains opened, The lights went out, Silence fell over the crowd. With a burst of light, There was quite the sight For an hour before we all bowed. The applause-it roared-
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