Teacher, Teacher


"Teacher, teacher don’t let me down.

For we both hold my future in hand

And don’t let your end hit the ground."


"Teacher, teacher don’t let me slip.

Encourage me to believe that I have skills

And I shouldn’t allow society to make me trip."


"Teacher, teacher help me understand.

Don’t just let me fall behind

And not learn the lessons at hand."


"Teacher, teacher don’t belittle me!

Lift me up

And help my true potential come out for my eyes to see."


"Teacher, teacher I need you as much as you need me.

You need me for a paycheck

And I put to use your degree."


"Teacher, teacher I know you don’t make much,

But the lives you are changing

And the futures you are paving

Should be enough."


"Teacher, teacher when I’m in your classroom it’s an escape.

I actually think I can be something

And I can do something great."


"However, teacher, teacher when I’m outside all I’ve been told

Is that my existence doesn’t matter,

I am far from gold,

And my future will shatter."


"But, teacher, teacher I want to think differently!

Success is what I want to see,

It’s what I want to taste,

It’s what I want to be."


"I wish I could apologize teacher,

Because teaching me won’t be easy.

I am rough around the edges

And I wish I could’ve warned you

just how hard it was going to be."


"But I couldn’t."


"So teacher, teacher, I ask that you hear my silent plea

To not be like the rest who gave up and chose to flee!"


"I ask that, Instead of being one of those who are a chain on me

..Are you willing to hold up its lock

And will you allow me to turn its key?"



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