Teen Pregnancy

"The answer's contraception"
That's all you hear today.
Or "Just get an abortion -
This thing is in the way"
They act like they're our saviors,
And everyone's best friend.
But they sanction poor behavior
And kill babies without end.
"Contraception's not abortion -
No baby even lives."
That may be true for some pills,
But the problem is
That others do kill babies,
Look it up - its true!
All of them are chemicals
Designed to protect you
From monsters they call children,
Who need love, care and food.
But children are a blessing,
Yes, a blessing, not a curse -
They are cute and sweet and funny,
And, what is worse,
They are persecuted
Within the mother's womb
As we pretend that we don't care
And the world does not have room.
Hitler's famous Holocaust
Was nothing to this duet
of contraception and abortion,
This I can never forget.
You still do not want kids?
Well, that is okay.
Kids shouldn't be having
Their own kids anyway.
I have got another way
That cannot be deceptive.
You'll never need abortion,
Nor any contraceptive.
It's thousands of years old,
And it makes a lot of sense.
This way to prevent children
Is called pure abstinence.


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