lost hope

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Where my tears not good enough did my pain not feed u enough did the screams not release your hatred did your fake sentiment fix the wounds you gave me
The day he turned The day he left me Was the day I realized  What the world really was   The day he left  Was the day I lost some of my hope 
The Sun and Moon glow their tune, far after we are done, 
Two tickets, for a train to down under. 
Your eyes used to shine with the stars, Like constellations in the night. Now they flicker with uncertainty, Dimness… Like a firefly slowly dying, Losing its spark.   What used to be, isn’t.
Drowing in my thoughts,
on the outside looking in.  no sense of beginnings. failing is constant.  looking up blind.  system cave in.  promise of forgiveness. fate of distance.  fade to reality.
Sunlight shines through flowing drapes spreading alabaster swords in all directions. They stab at flooring and my semi-paralyzed body, seeking to fill holes as if pain
Is that what I'm doing called?
i shivered, cowering you focused, tactlessly i followed, aimlessly a blindness, unconscious of empty sentiments i wouldn’t understand
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