He Turned

The day he turned

The day he left me

Was the day I realized 

What the world really was


The day he left 

Was the day I lost some of my hope 

He made me realize that 

My walls could be cracked 

And snakes filled in their


He was someone I could tell anything

Someone that I felt was related to me 

Even though I only knew him for a few years

He was my brother


He broke it off 

For no reason

Left me shattered 

and looking for cracks in the wall

That I had neglected 


I grew up in a different way that day

I made my walls of stronger materials

And learned to be careful of my steps 

I had the adult realization that even

the closest to you can betray you


Through all of this I also realized 

That my friends were also there to console me

To hold me close when I struggled 

And to help me grow in areas

that I didn’t know needed the growth

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