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  Sometimes, I’ll look at the skyThinking about what’s really over there. And yet why i am always looking over thereCould it be that I yearn for it?  
Some people say that they are perfect in every way, and maybe it is true, but not being perfect,
You ignored me for Twelve straight hours And waited until one Minute After midnight To tell me you owed me an apology. I forgave you , of course; You knew I would.
  I am a perfectionist Unfortunately I can’t say I love my imperfections My flaws are my downfall I can’t tell you I love myself I see When in the mirror A shame
  suddenly stops my world hearing your words this is a reaction
I hear this talk causing this idea to stalk trying to figure out a way i can better someone's day i began to ponder long and hard but everything sounds like a hallmark card snap a glimmer of light
Good bye Try not to cry Long sigh Something shatters inside A new realization The cycle just completed a rotation No intentions Little predictions Sometimes it is a game
emotions meet your demise for it is a poem that looks you in the eye happiness no longer causes madness insanity reality clarity personality no longer cookie cutter
writer block is an excuse not to express these thoughts thoughts i can't  control or slow down the shoulda the woulda and the coulda all together form the million dollar
here we go again gosh, how to begin
I want to share Not like he gives a care
for as long as  i breathe he wore a  uniform lottery ticket of death gamble never to be won eight years old invested not with glitter but jitters oldest
Dear Me, Don't you see your problem is this you can't forget what love is you see him everywhere when y'all speak you can't help but to stare into those eyes you fell anything you would sell
Look at me go Last week I didn't know I would be here now
expections highly regarded impossible if you saw it  exceptional straight a scholar not good enough if someone tops her people see international star dancer she shrugs it off without answer
forgive me for all of the bad remember me for the good the times we felt we could never be anything but glad forgive me for the pain remember me for the joy that in the company of me
  I have read and anaylzed this book the stories and lessons my life my decisions aren't exactly His vision I believe but I don't worship every Sunday
when i am okay sunny days won't be an excuse but a reason when i am okay my life won't be a constant debate of good or bad when i am okay my decisions
i am loved by little i am wanted by all why do you want to belittle? watch me crumble and fall see these beautiful tears for she is the creator crying over my fears which haunt now or later
brightness laughter in nonsense no worries or regretfulness a blink of an eye three words later darkness weeping in shame sadness in fears worries and second guesses
twelve months ago I happy school no worries much to go eleven months ago my happiness was tested which it passed ten months ago joy wasn't a want but necessity
I am unsure if I should    Likely fear is going to control Only if I knew your thoughts Verses are not going to help much Everything must be exchanged   Young kids what do we know
Do I dare To say I care For your emotions Againist mine   Do I dare To faithfully share My love Without return Do I dare To bare My soul With these scars
Roses are red Violets are blue These are the words that need to be said When I am expressing my love to you So are the roses still red And are the violets true blue When I say that the love is dead
Soft cries Hurt lies Outside madness Under sadness Lies happiness Deep down Never Touched   Hated my outcome Always disappointing Very unlikely is success
Red and dangerous Shows happiness but brings pain But sweet all the same
I'm what the doctor ordered. I can fix you up no matter what you got. I am always there for you, miles away I surround you, fall on you everyday.
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