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Isolation of my soul brought out the worst in me The original justification for this was Ive been hurt before so why try again but once I got the taste of love on my toungue again
Do you remember how it felt when the wind blew pleasantly brushing your hair side to side? It's a comforting feeling, a feeling that one can appriecate, Even though it is not expected.  
All I did was to love you too much I'm longing for your everlasting touch It seems like we were doing so well But these days it feels like I'm living in a hell Crush is an understatement, you're my first true love
It started with a big boom Matter, thought, a spark, she forms She emerges from this She has nothing to show   She begins to grow
I let a boy dictate my happiness. I let a boy wiggle his way into my heart. I let him rest along the softest parts.
You break me, With every little word you say and every call to action,  Embellishing reward that goes along with.  You say do this it looks good on applications and glare when the class looks on in silence.
On a sunny day, I would come out to play, Tag and hide and seek, For all my new friends to meet, The joy of running in the summer breeze, Is a day I will wish to seize,
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