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I can't help but to fall for you,I'd wait until the end of time to see if you are the one I've needed,For wanting someone means you could live without them,My world slows down when you're around,The screaming thoughts turn to silence when you say
As I drift aimlessly through these crowded halls, I feel the cold claws of loneliness. This torture of which we seem to endure, clouds our better judgement, has impaired our non- asinine thoughts.
They are all starting to evolve to become happy and involved i have been left before but never have i thought by them they don't even know but this distance is beginning to grow
He soaked up every inch of her happiness. Vanished her sweet loving smile. Wet her eyelids with tears streaming down her face. Redden her face, ached her head, and above all ached her heart. Nothing seems right anymore. How can it all go back?
Fair-weather sweetheart Hide behind your porcelain makeup Cozy and cuddling in an oversized sweater Fearing the touch of skin when she wakes up Expecting more I love you buts and you deserve betters
Couldn't see, couldn't hear, darkness was everywhere Why did you leave? I needed you More now than ever I'm so lost without the two of you Remember when you would call me boo?
Slept in my bed last night, All comfortable and warm. Until I had a dream, That saddened my heart. I saw you walking, So happy and laughing. But she was with you, The reason you smiled.
  It’s all gone. You took everything from me. (Or did I take everything myself) My family, my friends… They slipped away. Vanished. Under your mind games. You cost me my life. My future.
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