Broken Inside

He soaked up every inch of her happiness. Vanished her sweet loving smile. Wet her eyelids with tears streaming down her face. Redden her face, ached her head, and above all ached her heart. Nothing seems right anymore. How can it all go back? She wants nothing from him. Not even breathe the same air he breathes.  She is broken in pieces, crashing hard to the ground. Hopeless and defenseless she remains as if there were nothing more.

Poor little girl, who fell terribly faultered by this one guy who she thought for certain could be the right guy. How stupid was she to think it might have been a quest from cupid.

Now as if not a care in the world, she rather be heartless and cold, 'cause like that she no longer has to feel no more. She can just live life on her own, as she done before.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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