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Hello world,  Im a kid who hopes to change it one day. Hello world, remember me you killed half of my family. Yet, I still want to fight and change everything some day. Hello world,
In California, the purest of the states. I once lived in a city that thought of having tornadoes. Pictures cast in the cafateria wall, pictures of tornadoes. Within first glance, that fear haunts me.
In a world full of possibility, all I see is hate. In a land of freedom, so many feel oppressed, left to sit like cattle while men with money in their pockets participate in the great debate.
Oh, say, can you see the tears on my face as I watch my country burn in the dawn’s early light?   As people filled with malicious pride
Why live solely by the bible, When it fills you full of hate. You'll only destroy, No ability to create. Endless sleepless nights, Questioning beliefs, But you have to keep your head down,
Stand still solider  Knowing that you will never see your little sister grow older Stand still solider 
I know as I write about what's wrong or right. Someone wants to see the end of my life. I tell them go ahead and try! I'm at that point I'm not scare to die for enlightening minds.
Regret and Anger tries to take hold. Pain and Sorrow leaves me cold. I feel it deep within, a storm breaking thru, trying to take control, of how I hate you. A heart you were given
Slam. I hear the sound of the door closing, turn to see the car driving away, and with it, everything i've ever known in life. Comfort, gone. Security, gone.
Through these eyes I have witnessed hardship, Through this mouth I have tasted the tears,
Anything to get my money they did, I guess telling the truth is forbid, This place was clean the last time I was here, Now I look around and say “Oh dear,” I thought there was 60% diversity in this place,
Sometimes what I think about isn't too profound. Other times I can't sleep for hours because my brain will not shut down.
 Just dust I am, but God did mold my soul I saw the light but I was born in war My place of birth, no food it bore only war The crops did die; the men did die and die My mom did flee, my dad as well and I.  
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