Hello World

Wed, 08/28/2019 - 00:40 -- Tylaj23

Hello world, 

Im a kid who hopes to change it one day.

Hello world,

remember me you killed half of my family.

Yet, I still want to fight and change everything some day.

Hello world,

remember when we used to be great.

it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't as bad as it is today.

Hello world,

I wonder why we can't change our ways

its filled with nothing but death and broken hearted famlies.

Injustices, false accusation, locking up innocence.

loosing half of their life just to get out and recieve apologies for forgivness.

from healthy minds to broken spirits,

due to adaptation within walls of cages

to be treated as animals with no since of home training


The wealth who pay their ways

yet, never do time for their wrong doings

who cares though right?

these are our favorite artists, president, athletes, actors.

 why ruin their glourous life, after snatching someone elses away that isnt as well known

they aren't important, it's not like their human also.


So much conflict with color

so hated yet everyone wants to be exactly like it.

you praise god for this and that 

just to be a hypocryt and do the exact opposite.

They shout out why can't people of color let go to the past 

the same reason you can't forget what happen to the one you worship.

The people you bashed, manipulate, and call aliens of our country

just to eliminate the fact that we have serious problems to fix

as we the people are to scared to change even within our own cities

Now it's up to the youth to change what we've been praying


Hello world

so much has changed since I was young 

I'm sorry we're kiling you

yet, no one seems to notice the problems in what we do

we all choose to ignore. right? 

because thats what we are used to

I mean look who's over all of us

its sad that people praise and support disrespect and ignorance

from a mindset of a child with no guidence.

yet, quick with their finger tips

to tweet out whose next to be considered terrorist.


Hello world 

yes, you are changing for the worst

yet, so are we

nothing but distruction between the people and their families 

hopefully soon world 

you'll be happy and so can we.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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