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The day I almost took a life. It was July 27th around 7:30 p.m. It was a very rainy night My boyfriend and I were coming back from a Chase bank.
Rise   You were never missing a kind word A life story A tale unheard You never missed a hug A gentle soul
My heart drops every time I think about the boy’s body sinking to the bottom of the pool on that one, beautiful day in May.
On this day, at this moment, time stands still. But stop and think, all the time we've killed. Shut your eyes, travel back with me now, your first day of school. Do you remmeber how;
In all my 19 years,Through fears, cheers, and massive clears,I would have never imagined I'd be sitting here mirrored.
Who am I? It is the question of the ages. Am I who I was Yesterday and all the days before that? Am I who I happen to be Today? Is the sum of all of my Todays equal to my Tomorrow?
How silly of me to have expectations. Did I forget you were human just like I? The simple fact that we are human proves that I should have no expectations for you.
This weekend I learned you get back what you put in. It was nine o’clock at night when my phone buzzed. I quickly pull it out of my pocket and read the text, “You down for the State party?” Corbin asked. “I’m already in my car,” I reply.
Within this bereft hour thou mayst perceive Thine self among lone thoughts as farther still  As sands of time which do sift through a sieve, In absence from my sight, against my will.
You left and never came back, Leaving behind broken promises, broken dreams and broken hearts, Destroyed all the trust, Therefore Creating fear of abandonment, fear of getting too close to anyone, Wounds that will never heal, In the end showing me
Love is the most powerful force known to mankind. What is love? Define love. But before you do that, define pain. So love makes you go crazy but doesn't pain make you crazier?
People may shake you, but never let them break you. You are glorious, you are magnificent,  you are YOU. Don’t be afraid to show your talents onto others,
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