All the Todays Before Tomorrow


Who am I? It is the question of the ages.

Am I who I was Yesterday and all the days before that?

Am I who I happen to be Today?

Is the sum of all of my Todays equal to my Tomorrow?

Today, I am what I think. I am what I do.

Tomorrow, I will be the product of my thoughts and my actions.



Today I think about Jesus. I think about my family.

I think about friendships. I think about problems and solutions.

I spend time learning the philosophy of marketing. I spend time reading.

We will connect them with people in the community so that they are not alone.

We will teach them to think and act.

I spend time pushing myself to productivity. I spend time with my family.

I spend time preparing for Tomorrow. Today I spend time.



Tomorrow I will be part of a We.

We will help young people whose lives have been disrupted

By the thoughts and actions of their parents.

We will help them achieve success together. We will teach them to live.


All the Todays before Tomorrow.

Today I must learn to do what I will do Tomorrow.

Today I must connect with the people in the community.

Today I must learn to think and act.

Today I must learn to achieve together.

Today I must learn to live.





I wrote this poem in an attempt to define myself and where I am headed. I needed to look into my future and see who I wanted to be at the end of my life in order to see how to get there.


My favorite part is where I say "Today I spend time." This line is the one that is most frustrating to me in life, because you want to use all of your time wisely, investing all of it to become who you want to be, but still there are increments of time that are just spent--wasted.

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