Free Time

Free time???? 

Oh you mean the five minutes i spend running from science to math, or the thirty seconds when the teacher turns their back to the class before the bell rings. as if there a performer getting ready to step on stage and enlighten us with some whitty commentary on the human nature.

No? oh so maybe you mean after school,

when i finally escape from the prison cell walls that contain me this steel trap of a school,

That free time. 

That i spend swimming in the downpour of papers that floods my life. i spend it emursing myself in the ideas of kurt vaughnegut or learning the decimal points of pi. 

as if i'm going to care in ten years if the answer to y is 10 or 20. or maybe you mean after the work is done and i only have a few pages left to do in the morning, 

that freetime. 

usually i breathe, once maybe even twice if i'm luck, and then i do this super cool thing where i get anxiety about my homework because god forbid i forgot a fricken comma. 

it creates this sinking feeling in the morning,

once i went to sleep and only had 3 pages of homework left in calculus.

Lucky me.

sometimes it doesnt seem like my time ever gets to be free


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