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You tasted like poetry Marigold fields And the hum of white noise You felt like The afternoon on an autumn's day Scholastic book fair The local Pumpkin patch You looked like
Why not say hi or give a smile, to show them how you've felt for some while? Is it fear of rebuff, or that you're not enough? But what if that wasn't the case? That's not how they see your beautiful face.
pretty girl can you texas,don,g,nutt,59.poem,can you see me ooh pretty girl ooh sexy lady can you see me everytime you open up your eyes ooh pretty girl every time you awake all i wanna know can you see me sexy woman ooh pretty girl,pretty from th
I am a man. I’m sure my reputation proceeds me I know just how you’ll perceive me But I’m begging please believe me Please open your eyes and see me   I am a human
Looking back now There are many events  I wish I could change. People I trusted, People I loved, People I hated.   Oh how foolishly yound I used to be.
you broke me broken inside I now am you touched me in places others can not reach my mind places I did not want the world to see you told me to let you in the light house
Dear Eyes,   How do you see? I know your retina, the film of  Photoreceptor cells (now that’s a five dollar word) Seems Counterintuitive to most. That’s because it is.  
Count the stars the small latterns that line the sky to help the moon light the path to tomorrow, as you try and walk away the sorrows. Wander aimlessly,  searching for something that is lost
It sucks to suck. It sucks we all suck. Suck it! I guess it's useless. There aren't many people who are a real. I ain't talking about a the trend of being real, I mean really real.
Next time you see me, I may look the same The same short blonde hair framing a pale face The same bright blue eyes behind the same lenses But don’t be fooled  
Poety is a part of me The buzzing of a bee you hear The gleaming mirror you see All I can let out is a dry tear  
She has an adventurous heart, And so does he, Yet they both cannot see.   They both have a mask on, And they can not see, That what they want, Is right infront of them
We hope to see trees in bloom we hope to see them all we hope to see afternoon we hope to see night fall we hope to see beauty come we hope to see life knew we hope to see the moon run
eenie meanie minnie mo  here are my problems   watch them grow   a penny for a spool of thread  when you've not a needle  that's the way a life goes  bound to moneys evil 
she came she saw she took what she needed with soft hands by her touch   she then approached him he came again she called him in she wanted
Look Look at everything around you Do you see it?  See it all From the way the ocean kisses the sand,  To the way the moon follows the sun Isn't it awesome? Look
The ability of touch is AMAZING. In my eyes being able to feel the softness and roughness of an object is PRAISING. The extravagant foods are so TASTEFUL. 
Eyes crawl all over the pla
To see is to learn, To listen is to dance, To smell is to adore,
I have loved you before i knew, what love was ,  you have loved me in ways no one else does forever my life will be devoted to you  because without you , my world is so blue
The bustle of people, yeah classes are starting again.
The sky looks dark The sun comes out but cannot be seen The coughing begins The air is as thick as soup
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
I am suffocating
The way they live, eat, and dress It's sad to look, for you do not care I like to look because I truly care Do you ever think of those people? I do.   Watching them steal or beg for a dollar or two.
Hello out there! Can you see me? My tears, my pain, Do you see me?   I'm over here! Can you hear me? My cries, my lies-- Suprise! Do you hear me?   I'm shaking here!
My mind is a portal to worlds of possibilities of success. There I sit in my imaginary kingdom of ease and finesse While I caress my thoughts of future glory and a new kind of persona- A man that will generate much fame and renown.
This isn’t some side job that you can pick up whenever you have extra seconds on your wristwatch.   The nebulas of your eyes are always looking, observing each individual
The tip of that old Marlboro cigarette held between his sagging, wrinkly fingers burns out,
Only you can make things as hard as they may seem You have questions.... wondering what you can do  Pondering on many thoughts that you think only you think
volunteering in hospitals you see things, things you cant unsee, wish you hadnt seen but you did see. multiple posibilitys surrounding you. saving a life helping someone give life. being around people you can help is were i see myself .
please beware the end is near when it gets here i expect you to care if you do then head my advice if you dont youve been warned for when we reach the end the rope
In that moment, the warm breeze floated across my face. The tears were trying not to come.  Your eyes gleam of realization when my words flowed out. The stars shown as we were close. 
Why can't you see the things I see? How can you be so stuck on a screen? Oblivious to the beauty of the land and sea.  Obsessed with intagram and favoriting a tweet.  
They say the number 13 is unlucky
The sunlight brightness my room, but yet I cant see it The birds sing the songs of springs, but yet i can hear it 
The walls just keep crumbling... Into the sea in which I keep fumbling As I looked upon the water something I wasn't able to see A reflection of my world and the reflection of me
I can't  The world I see its dying  I can"t
We line up like marching ants We listen to the Queen Bee.   Tell me what to do  Tell me what to be    I sweat  I smell I stress   The #2 pencil shakes in my hand
To try but never quite see the lie that has become me is the fate of those I hold dear for I run from those things I fear and never look behind for hope that I am not blind
Look at me Not just on the surface Of the mirror Look at my heart And my mind I pretend to be the person You think you see But is that me? Who chooses to be happy everyday
The aesthetic beauty of the mind to behold. Not one can abate my hunger, my disease, I've come upon these thoughts to ponder, The substantial blank you bring appease. To whom to which the eyes behold,
Sonnet to See   Truth write: is it in the lumen of light, In the atom or molecule inside, In the blazing comets soaring at night, Or by faith apart from our weary eyes?  
All I want is to be seen, the action's what my heart yearns, A strong powerful Leo, ruler of the Earth, I need to have a ruby embedded sword, and a chief golden crown, Hoorays and few nays before the Sun ends dawn,
What do you see, when you see me? Do you see my beauty? Do you see my family roots running through me? Do you see my color or my race? Do you see my pain? Do you see I’m as sweet as honey?
It’s amazing how unobservant Most people are. Drifting, faces and handshakes Do they notice he remains still? Silent within and nearly un-phased You’re just a slip in his routine
I know you...but how ? Ive seen you... wondering if things will get better. You heard that for every dark night there are brighter days and you want to give up but they say hard work pays.
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