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How deep can a man go? As long as he cast shadows He will never grow shallow My father taught me That life can be as Curious, and dark as the sea Full of arcane mysteries That we may never see
So walk With me And take my outstretched hand And continue on With me forever To the ends of the land. With each step We take Let us take it as one For we are Two bodies
So much has transpired in under 365 days.    My life seemed to change every 24 hours.    On the third month, I grew in age by 1 year.  
  ‘Today’ my mother says, triumphant, ‘we are bottling peaches’. When I ask why, my mother tells me that it is ‘our tradition’ As though I have bottled peaches before. I have never bottled peaches before.
My dear baby no matter how many years go by no matter how far you’re away from your Dad no matter how many typhoons and thunderstorm appear between you and me no matter how many
You Are A Better Son Than Your Dad Dear Son you were born in the afternoon it was god’s felicity and incredible boon lullaby your grandma began to croon you crying face looked like glowing moon
I love my family very much, However, they can be a pain! Some are nice and sweet like honey,  But some I just want to go away. They act like they don't like me, But the others care for me dearly.
We sit here to hide from the heat:  Mom, my older sis, my younger sis, and me. 
Fighting hurt slavery child labor child wars
I feel alone, in the most populated places in the world I feel sad that im misunderstood I didnt know how bad it was to be livin in the hood. School motivates me to succeed 
Living Father of my youth             Left home, leaving             Silent words of error             Slipping like a ghost             Diving away from me  
Why do we go through life in a haze? Shouldn't we be illuminating the room with a blaze? Why don't we spend time telling people we care? Why isn't it at all fair?  Teachers, shouldn't you take time to stare?
He is small, such a tiny thing. He loves loud, bright, or shiny things.  He's full of laughter, love, and cheer. In Mommy's heart he is darling and dear. His smile gets the attention of many old ladies, They say "So sweet!
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