My Family

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 04:49 -- Clarisa

I love my family very much,

However, they can be a pain!

Some are nice and sweet like honey, 

But some I just want to go away.

They act like they don't like me,

But the others care for me dearly.

My mom says blood is thicker than water,

But nothing is ever going to change.

We have good times and bad times,

But everyone seems to think I talk to much.

That's why I try not to start talking,

Because then I won't stop. 

They insult each other and compliment each other,

But are either of them true?

Or are they just fibs hiding behind the truth?

We have our ups and downs,

But in the end it ususally turns out nice. 

I'll love my family forever and ever,

And no matter how much we don't get along,

I'll still be singing this one song,

Called the Family Reunion. 


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My family
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