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Yesterday I saw a white dove feeding on the ground How I hoped the bird was tame so I could pet it I wanted to pick up the pretty little creature, But the dove swiftly flew away when I went near it
Down the rivers, waterfalls, lakes, streams, creeks The waters should be wary of the company that comes close to its mud rich borders Listen close, not to the woods that gives you its greetings
There's a monster in my closet, He tells me how I'll die, He tells me when I'll go, When I'll say goodbye, Oh this monster in my closet, Hears a tap on my window, There's a crow waiting,
Can you hear me now? As I call out into the silence shattering the illusion of peace only to refill the space with the weeping of the mourning, and groaning of the dead, the screaming of the innocent
What is this cloud that hangs over my head? It follows me like some form of dread,  Waiting, watching, readying the strike.  I fear the moment it drops its impaling spike.   
I bare my fangs, I laugh at fear Others quake at what they hear I follow through, I lead the pack I remind them to never ever look back I clench my teeth, I hide my pain Think only of what I might gain
The crimson drops under the moonlight A howl echos through the long night The stars that shine way up high A dreary gleam covers the sky My body slowly stats to quake Fear within my heart it does make
Standing knee-deep in waves it could otherwise  Drown in, Reaching toward the water, Black with tears and blood and bad memories, A body standing aimlessly, dead before Drowning.  
I've gone through adequate measures to beat the monster that resides within me This thing lay secreted beneath the surface of my skin Readying to rupture out at any which moment
I once knew a little girl Push around and teased Who only ever wanted  To help and aid the weak   That girl never could Fit in with her own kind But she found that animals
  The scorching Serengeti heat casts a spotlight
 Shining on a glorious creature whose life is finite
 He enters the land of the stories untold But he is the hunter whose task is so bold

How did you see me? Was it the color upon me? There is nothing different about this faceless creature So now I ask
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