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Zoom! New York City Streets New home Honk! Suburban boy meets Urban jungle Zip! College is real No one to save you Alone in a sea of people No-body to talk to but God
I don’t know if I’ve changed for the better or the worse  but I’m not the same person that I’ve been.    I don’t know what I wanted 
Skipping ahead he avoids cracks as not to break my mother's back - head bent low upon his task, his concern dear.   My hand yearns for the warmth of his, to have him safely by my side -
I remember when you walked into the room Your eyes touched mine, then flicked away without a second glance Honestly i didn't know anything could be so good Then you spoke and my world crashed and scattered
Have you ever spent a day in the city? If you haven't, what a pity!   With the busy, bustling crowds in Times Square, There's never a moment to give or spare.   With so much to do, so much to see,
I treasure the time I spend with you
New York City, the city of dreamsYou can make it alone, or you can choose a teamEveryone has a goal whether you are an elderly or a teen.Grab your hammer grab your books
  In autumn, leaves should fall. The roads colored with an intricate leaf tapestry, But there are no leaves in the city. The roads remain bare of any color Except the yellow of taxicabs
I feel the damp grass The soil here beneath my legs Softly brass strings strum  
I’ve walked these streets since I was five I’ve grown accustomed to the walk and the talk of this city Tough love is what we’re used to
What is it about a fire escape? A rusty, old fire escape attached to a building that has seen many years, many faces... What is it about a place to sit that looks out over a small world...
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