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My travels start  Right here  Deep in my mind, My travels take me just where I please, I don’t have  To leave my warm room.   My travels start, Sixteen, sun Beating down,
There is a room Filled with plants The sunshine makes an incredible bloom   There is a rooom Filled with pots Where growth occurs The growth makes people bloom   There is a room
You are a scattered rainbow thrown into orbit. Sunlight coasts in on the sails of dust and gently kisses the sides of geometric caverns of wood,
The chair Ironically sits alone in the darkness of the room. The chair Once proud and rich  Is now rubbed down and squeaky The chair sits alone No one to rock it
Cold, because the PGW worker disabled our gas. Too many late payments. The room only had one bed, but the room was occupied by four growing boys. One quilt. Four boys.
A tick tock noise from the clock in my room Knocks my head on and on Till it wakes me up in the middle of the night, So I found myself looking right at the ceiling My body starts sweating
This is how it goes. I begin by stepping into my room.   It’s everything to me that it smells like my perfume. It has 7 walls with a light that might go boom,
“My look at her. She’s such a good girl.” “She’s good because she doesn’t act like the other girls in this world” “She works so hard at everything.” “Oh the praises her parents must sing”  
Tears roam. They taint the atmosphere as light ominous vapor. I've cried enough for us to both be pain free. The idea of leaving this room is the catalyst of a cataclysmic brain freeze. I don't wanna be free. Anymore.
she went in her room and shut the door
We was arguing again, My parents and I, They locked me in my room, He left a bruise on my thigh, She blacked my eye, It was over the dog, They said to blame it on a cousin,
I am not a transcendentalist 
Dimly lighted room
My room has always been a bit of a joke between my friends and family.
The crowded room is much too small for you; From locks of hair to smiles of gold you dance, And yet not once did you give me a glance; But with one glance I would give all to you. The corner suits me well, invisible
I'm here in class Last one in the back No one else can realize That I have a voice that cannot be denied You say that you don't hear me But really your just not listening
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