When the good girl cries


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“My look at her. She’s such a good girl.”

“She’s good because she doesn’t act like the other girls in this world”

“She works so hard at everything.”

“Oh the praises her parents must sing”


When the good girl smiles

She lights up the room

Her happiness stretches for miles

Her radiance temporarily drives out the doom


When the good girl serves

How she took the screaming child into the other room

The child was getting on everyone’s nerves

Her servitude temporarily erased the doom


When the good girl praises

How it feels like the Spirit of God is in the room

Her faith, everyone’s hopes raises

Her faith temporarily makes people forget about the doom


When a good girl gets mad

Be rest assured it isn’t at anyone in the room

Her anger is righteous, directed at something bad

Making us temporarily realize, outside our own little world there’s doom


When the good girl cries

It confuses everyone in the room

They do not see the lies

That she told them to hide what’s in her head the doom


When the good girl goes bad

She is pushed out of the room

Everyone is so sad

They can’t temporarily handle this doom


When the good/bad girl gives up

She attracts the attention of the people in the room

The people know she must have it rough

But that’s no reason to give in to the doom


When the good girl dies

Much weeping is done by the people in the room

Finally, the hidden lies

Show that maybe the good girl was just trying to protect them from the doom

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