Everyone wants everyone else to look at them;

“place me on a pedestal please they say

Then what? At the top it’s lonely, and at the bottom it’s undesirable.

It's just people proving things they think about. Everyone believes everyone else ought to think like themselves;

and we’ll do endless scientifically vague to prove our point

What’s the goal? Do you grow old?

Do you die with millions of dollars and the perfect nuclear family? Is that all?

say youre better than that” mister say you live your life “for others” mister

You have to think like everyone else to survive—win.
You have to learn the same; pass the same tests; look the same way; talk the same way; and strive for this… model of superiority.

No one outwardly admits…if they know… what or who this looks like. Some people make religions to justify who or what this is. People engage in bloodshed because they think the way they think is better than the way you think.

well i dont think like that i write

That is another means of thought that I believe is better than yours, isn’t it?

The only way out is to live as some kind of instant prodigy; an Einstein, or a Isaac Newton, some kind of Lorde, a Britney Spears that rises from struggle and hits a note that drives them to stardom.

notoriety fame

And they win.
Then they’re forgotten.

or sometimes you win sometimes you win and youre done

But sometimes, you also lose. And people like to win.

the worst part? You, me and everyone made



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