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So Having Read In The News That A Linesman Has Used... What Some Have Viewed... As RACIST Talk That Made Players Walk... Off The Field of Play In A Champions League Game... I Have To Say That The Same Ol’ Same...
Ya Know I've Found In This Life... That... Girls And Guys... Who Behave Like CHUMPS... !!!!! Like To Play... Mitch Green... And Beat Me To The PUNCH.... ?!!!? When My Lyrical Flows...
So Fellas What's The Price You're Prepared To Pay … To Spread Her Thighs And Get That … LAY … !!?!!
We've Lost Another Giant ... !!! We've Lost Another Giant ... !!! The One And Only ... ... Kobe Bryant ... !!!!!!! His Daughter Too ... As Well As Seven More ... !!!
It's Wimbledon Time And English Summertime ... So It Ain't A Surprise We Ain't Seeing Sunshine ... !!!!! So Of Course The BBC Are Showing More REPEATS ... of Days When There Was Heat On The Courts And In The Streets ... !!!
Swaddled me in the bruises and pain that tought my body to try again. You told me to keep my head held high even when I no longer wanted to try. I feel your music ounding through me
When I was a little girl I would obsess over the horses. I decided to dance instead,  But they never left my mind.    As the years went on I felt like I was different from the rest.
Step in the circle, swallowed by the cage. My stance; legs staggered, knees bent, swinging arms; as I twist in an elegant, calm rage. Swiftly spin, swirl, and surrend the disc charm.
On the day that I became six-years old    I stepped on the ice the very first time Gliding forwards so gracefully without being told Then I looked at the clock and heard a loud chime.  
I pick it up And turn it over It balances perfectly in my hand No chips No dents It's ready to use My feet on the line My arrows in the quiver Ready to shoot
Pass, set, hit the ball, Feel the adrenaline rush, The sport I love most.
Here in this lime lined, green field A battle is to be fought without mercy, without yield. Two platoons of a baker’s dozen each.
Last pitch of the game   Full Count and Bases loaded And the Winner is...
Caught on a pop fly   Tagging up to steal third base      Too slow, You're Out!
Jumping off the bag   Running fast to the next base Slides to avoid!
Red lines on white face Held in a leathery hand Until thrown to home
  Blue and grey all day Behind the plate or in-field   What's the call? Appeal?!
Snap, drop, pop and go.         Is it high or was it low? And the call was...ooh?
                                                   What will it be now?                                                Here it comes...over the plate.
Two teams, four each. One ball, two goals. One large, four sided polygon court   Each team supporting a color
  Soccer Player             Run down line             Bolt towards time             Give it all             Do not sprawl            
This is the moment I've been working for my entire life. As I perfect my makeup and wrap my hair into a tight bun I look into the mirror and smile.  I am ready. Lacing up my skates, nice and tight. 
The wall of the wave comes powering forward from a small distance My heart races with beat of my stroke as I paddle into a good position
She asked, "What's so great about running? I don't see the point." 
Our breaths hang in the air, eyes fixed on the server who has his body poised subjugated beneath the suspended ball
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