"What's So Great About Running."


She asked, "What's so great about running? I don't see the point." 

and I said,
Maybe it's the fact that people have walked out of my life but running has never left my side. The fact that I get what I put in it .It's not like people where you give them all your time and effort and basically everything in your heart and soul ,and they give you nothing in return. Maybe it's the fact that it causes so much physical pain ,that I forget my emotional pain.That for maybe thirty minutes of my life I forget about every bad thing in my life and focus on the race.Maybe it's the fact that it's the only thing I've ever done for myself.Maybe because at the end of the day it's the only thing I have. When I'm sad I run.When I'm happy I run.When I feel like my life is about to collapse I run faster.Yes , it's painful.Sometimes I can't get out of bed and other times I can't sleep from all the pain.And yes running makes me cry from pain but it pains me more to stop . I love the burning feeling of my legs and lungs.I can hear my body begging me to stop but I keep going.I remember all the little things I did to improve and unlike people who don't notice the little things that you sometimes do .Running always notices . Running always thanks you for your effort. You don't need someone to tell you "Great Job!" like in other things in life because your results scream at you once you see the time you've been waiting for.  Running is like no other feeling. Running tells you things that people could never tell you.It gives you compliments that no other person could tell you to make you feel better and that is why running is so GREAT.


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