A Figure Skaters Dream


This is the moment I've been working for my entire life.

As I perfect my makeup and wrap my hair into a tight bun I look into the mirror and smile. 

I am ready.

Lacing up my skates, nice and tight. 

I take a deep breath.

I make my way to the entrance of the rink ready to deliver.

I look up and see the crowd, cheering and waiting anxiously for me to take the ice.

This is my dream.

I remove my guards and take one last breather as I step onto the smooth, glassy surface that will determine my everlasting success or failure all in less than 3 minutes. 

The Olympic Rink is everything I imagined and more.

And I have it, all to myself. 

It's my time.

As they announce my name over the intercom the crowd goes wild. 

I pause and get into position. 

I hear the sweet flutey music I chose myself begin and I feel my body take over. 

Crossovers, 3-turns, powerpulls, crossrolls, all move me across the ice in a passion that is impossible to explain. 

As I get into the groove of my first jump, triple axel, I let the speed of my blades take me into the hardest jump of my program. 

Three and a half turns executed in the air, landed flawlessly on less than a centimeter wide piece of metal attached on my feet. 

As I move through rest of my program every jump landed flawlessly, spins perfectly centered, footwork fast and tight I am on fire.

As my music starts to close I can already hear the crowd cheering and chanting my name. 

I finish, everything stops.


Bouquets of flowers drown the ice and I tears of happiness flow down my face.

I exit the ice and wait anxiously for my score.

I now feel more nervous than ever. 

As my name is announced once again over the intercom to declare my scores I pray that it will be enough.

"99.00" I see appear on the screen.

The crowd goes wild. 

One point away from absolute perfection, but enough for a gold medal.

I have just won an Olympic Gold Medal for the United States of America. 

I have accomplished everything I have worked my entire life for.

This is my dream.


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