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Upon waking up, my hand is empty Severely lacking fingers in mine.  Brushing my teeth I remember I dreamt he Had traced my warm cheeks blushed wine.  Dreams always crawl back in an convoluted knot
I promise that one day our cold hearts can be together, our blacked out lungs will breathe each other, our stained clothes will be tugged off  by words never spoken through our lips, 
Your eyes now so rough that were once so soft, Your hair cut so perfectly short. In the past we’d see each other often, But now we see nothing of the sort. The clothes you wear are different than most,
1,000 miles away from eachother, you told me I was perfect. You told me I was everything you wanted. And you even told me you loved me! Yet, you were always flirting with other girls.
Two hundred and thirty-two miles and four hours The world seems so stretched on these two feet He was forever and when I was with him
you put a ring of salt around my head so the ghosts can't pass through the walls.  you say "i love you" in latin and the demons pull away.  every kind word melts my red wax heart.
Miles away from home a soldier lies,He cherishes many hello's, and despites goodbye's.He risks his life, he is willing to die,He does all of this to see that American Flag fly high.What most people do not understand,
This was written while I was at basic training for the United States Army.........  It's amazing how the essence of somebodys presence can change you. And then when your gone without it its amazing how it could offend you. 
In the shadows You stand and walk, Every day The shadows lessen, But I can’t help the envy For you are not alone, And I am
Today, today, today And tomorrow Another Passing, passing, passing Always in such A blur Never, never, never Will we ever Reach
Time is going by so fast I’ll have to leave soon going on my deployment is last on the list of things I want to do Promise me my love you won’t forget me?
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