Scarlet & Gold

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 09:15 -- dean21


Your eyes now so rough that were once so soft,

Your hair cut so perfectly short.

In the past we’d see each other often,

But now we see nothing of the sort.

The clothes you wear are different than most,

You take pride in the scarlet and gold.

What you do is for our freedom,

Gratefulness cannot be untold.

I see a Marine, who was once a man,

A man who was once a boy,

You went through all the training

And now it’s time for you to deploy.

You part from your home

 Of the red white and blue

Because for your country

You will always be true.

It might be hard for me to see you go,

I have much pride in what I saw.

Just know that love doesn’t know what distance is,

And with that I say Oorah!



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