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Friday night Alone in my room Home and away From everything and everyone. I get a text Late at night It’s from a good friend
Dear whom ever you might be, I am the offspring of nature and the sun My parents call me their son/sunflower. My parents are exotic, foreign,
I’ve always been an outsider looking inThrough television screens, the internet, everything,Guyana is and always will be my homeBut America is where I need to be
Split tongues slithering air, Puffing plumes of vapid vapor,
Open your eyes To the world around you. The beauty taken for granted By some
Hello, my name is "Chinese" "Japanese" "Dirty knees" "Look at these" "Criss cross" "Apple sauce" "Do me a favor and get lost"  
German Boy “I love you” Silence “I love us” More silence “I need you” A terrifying
"thank you for flying!" seatbelt latches snap open briefcases are hoisted into the air a ruddy-cheeked boy's hand is yanked into the aisle all at once containment is impossible
Just as the music pours out of an instrument The messages through all beautiful languages spill The beauty of the roll of the tongue  onto paper or as an accent in the wrong language connects us all
The traitors of the past were never washed away They have procreated and created the haters of today They continue to feed of negativity And deter you from accomplishing any relative impossibility
My mind speaks louder than my mouth Overloaded with plans and memories Trying to figure out a way out of this mysteries. I wish I could rewind And empty this mind I guess that what we call life
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