Just as the music pours out of an instrument

The messages through all beautiful languages spill

The beauty of the roll of the tongue 

onto paper or as an accent in the wrong language

connects us all

One large song

the notes and accents of language 

and the feelings possessed by those words

however few

is what brings us together as one

The peace created by this understanding

is what makes the world go 'round


Not money, nor material objects

but the knowledge that we're all the same

each person with valuable thoughts and opinions

expressed through language


This peace

this music

this poetry

is the background music to life 

that most people don't realize


The silent thread holding us all together

The peace

families built out of this music


Poetry connects it all

peace, music, family, life

All words, all languages

conveying great meaning 

in such considerably short rhythmical flicks of the tongue


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