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I am a gift of aphroditie the goddess of love,beauty and pleaser yet i have the caurse of heartbreak, and unpleasable I am blessed by medusa the holy woman of wisdom and battle
She speaks to me in seafoam.  Born beautiful, she kissed my eyelids and gave me her love of everything.  Her fingertips are callused from centuries of knotting heartstrings. 
With beauty and grace, she looks to me How lucky I am to have met she With eyes like a river and voice like the sea I finally see her, my Aphrodite
Winter eyes cause wild storms. Through the halls how they adore. Fallen love and broken hearts Hers is foam its blown apart. In the light her beauty shines To any other she could tell no lies
There is a beauty in the souls Aphrodite could see. She could not understand how They could not see it themselves.   It saddened her, The goddess of beauty The goddess of love,
aphrodite she struts into the clubstealing all the hearts as she does many know heras she owns a beauty empiremakeup, skincare, hair care and moreshe owns it all
Dear Aphrodite,
oh  i am too pretty too pretty indeed as my golden hair shines in the sun my eyes a mesmerizing blue my skin as fair as a flower athena calls it egotism but i call it self-love
Society beauty standards are deceiving.
I tell the tale of a family violent and free and unpredictable  No soul would believe they existed in our everyday lives 
  Where have the Old Gods gone?   Athena walks around college campuses Books in her bag And a switchblade under her tongue
she is the galaxy beneath my hands  bewildering and swallowing humbling and inspiring.  nebula take place in her eyes  her hands carve out the universe 
She was one to feign loveOften seen with many lovers,Leaving one after another yearningFor both her "love" and touch
You can see the very skies in her eyes She's an angel floating down the runway Adorned in roses and turtle doves Behold the fashion of her love  
Prologue:   Beauty was never something I set out to find; It was simply thrust upon me. Without regard to who I really am inside,
The gods are not who they once were.   
I had declared it would not fall in love, But the goddess Aphrodite took it as a challenge. Still, I was so sure I could manage.   One day I met this man who asked me on a date. On my way to work, I said no.
All glammed up Picture perfect makeup He stares ahead with curiosity Roses surround the table On a special Valentine’s Day
Athena is the queen  Aphrodite is next in throne With them in our rule We accept more, love more We know more, fight better Our nation is powerful and true  We are warrior of a nonexistent war
with the intelligence of a god, for whom intelligence is the base, it would hardly seem odd, if she got red in the face, when with the click of some keys, at a relatively quick pace,
Hair like bleached and toned gold, Cheekbones shining bright from highlight, Nose looking perfectly contoured, With her baby pink dusted cheeks  
Aphrodite looked at me in the hall today/ she looked in my eyes/ she looked in my soul. Aphrodite smiled at me in the hall today/ her smile lit me on fire/ and I am burning for love.
How sickly sweet is my lover A sinful candy, pink like her lips that soothe my questioning mind  
Red lips take a sip of the evening's wine.  Heavily coated lashes gazed upon her victim. A man of 5'7", broad shoulders, able to scare any other man with a certain gaze.
Red lips take a sip of the evening's wine.  Heavily coated lashes gazed upon her victim. A man of 5'7", broad shoulders, able to scare any other man with a certain gaze.
Good and evil, Heaven and Nevaeh, Amorous and grotesque, Brother and brother, Cousins alike, Ares and Hephaestus.  
Venus, From the salt and the spray, She of great beauty emerged from the sea. She looked upon the beauty and plenty of the earth. Grass, green and lush. Trees, fruitful and sweet. She smiled,
Love is a beautiful thing.  She is born of sea-foam, the last daughter to a mad king. She is Love, she is Beauty, she is everything her father wasn't. She is given many names, but Aphrodite is constant. 
The girl with silky smooth hair The girl with a messy bun  The girl with no hair at all She is in all of us    The girl with designer clothes  The girl who wears hand me downs
In New York, above the empire state tower Zeus lays in Olympus Brooding; bored as ever He looks down on the city An idea forms in his mind Rain clouds with intensity pour down on mankind
The Greek Goddess of gorgeousness grounds herself in American society To see what the social standards could be Bullying breaks the beauty into a blue barbie Attemping to aquire an acceptable acknowledgement
  Even the smallest of her affections is your undoing Wet footprints on the white sand that you won’t tread upon Only the sea could ever erase the memory of her there  
Adorned in emeralds and dressed in silk cloth Attracting anyone who had a beating heart She a burning light, you just a moth When she walks people happily part Chains of gold hangs off her hips
Love, thou hast destroyed my waking spirit My Every fiber is drunk with your force My eyes can lust, yet my soul is illicit The sky before a storm was my loves source Now the storm has come, nothing matters anymore
Dear Aphrodite,   I wonder what she dreamt about. I wonder, if it was of a monster she couldn’t escape. Or some inevitable truth she couldn’t ignore in the prison of her dreams.
She walks with confidence, Her heels clicking with each step, She blows a bubble as pink as her lips, Her petticoat swishing side to side,
I have a confession. There is a someone, A special someone, A someone who warms my smile,
I danced with Jane Doe on a bed of ballpoint pens. We swung and swayed atop points of permanence, Inhibition eroded amidst synchronized motion, I was amazed by the marks left. Flesh sick with ink, giving birth to an
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