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How is it that my heart is stuck between two places? Dominican Republic, The land I was born in The land where my childhood was painted
The Seattle Skyline at Half Past Three. It never meant that much to me. The Seattle Skyline at Six'till Four. I've never wanted so much more.
Freedome, They’re right, I’m not ready for you.  I need the constant  Of a mother’s coo.  The unusual choice
As I sit here in this class surrounded by the usual humdrum of teachers and students, I reminisce on the days in my aunt’s backyard. I reminisce on how it felt to simply lay on the lush soft grass with her dog.
Familiar sounds, my childhood grounds But rest is far from me tonight The voice that hounds, tension abounds And you are far from me tonight   I try to console my anxious soul
I heard the public service announcement, I was warned...Don't leave the harbor they said, and through the stormI went, sailing into a dismal relationship,I sent, my true loved ones goodbyes...
My heart is aching! I feel torn in two. Between who I was, And between the new.   Away I will go To venture afar, Away from my love With feelings ajar.   Can I be worried?
They're too fast They speak of things I don't understand Their lips are quick but their minds are slow here  I would rather be there  Here the harrowing hardships are fast  Not slow enough to listen   
I dare not hope 'cause  I know it can't happen Dreams aspired,  Broken, shattered. I want to go back home  where we loved each other Sure, money was tight  but we did all right
Damn this life away from home. Away from all that  I have ever known. 
Sometimes when I'm trying to do lots of homework and i'm completely overwhelmed i hear your voice in my head telling me to make a list.  Sometimes when i call you on the phone
I miss your eyes. the way they crinkle up like that when you smile.  Now when I see you your smile looks almost sad.  You look tired.    I miss the garden.  Remember every summer when we'd
I'm full of heartbreak.  Missing home, missing you, too.  Can't wait to return. 
Senior Year: Second semester College freshman: Second semester Prom, graduation, ditch day, freedom Fear, home sick, scared, broken A year of love and excitement
As I travel to school on the bus, I pass a familiar place. I see a familiar face. Walking down the street, A young girl, With long, fiery red hair, A large bag, A ID dangling from her neck.
I’m homesick for your body like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I can’t wait to run my fingers over you Like a key searching for a lock on a door On a dark night Only to bring the holder back to the warmth
Home is a very obsure term   The building I once lived in  Is not home anymore The bed full of blankets And my favorite stuffed animal Is not home anymore The family that I love 
Peace felt  Love helped
Run away with me
8/19/12, age 18   At five years old, my hometown seemed like Wonderland, Countertops that towered over me, the aroma of baked goods Infiltrating the crowded sidewalks, coercing me to want a taste.
i walk onto the stage i smile and i wave at the gathered people my mom is in the front row, right in the center my siblings sit beside her my teachers from grade school my professors from college
When the ocean is far awayand the wind is full of sand instead of salt,I dive back into the green pools offorgotten peace in your eyes.I swim through lakes of cheap vodkaand expensive memories.
Darkness is a friend I'm drowning from the inside Nobody save me 
I could spend forever day drea
Sometimes thoughts fall in my mind and knock me off my feet and I'm afraid that one day I will not be able to lay bricks around my legs and build myself back up again.
I hate cancer My mom throwing up everywhere, everynight Two years of this and still I'm tight Feeling of sadness  Thinking is she going to make it through the night.
I miss the green.   I miss the sweet sound of fresh fruits Falling straight from its' trees. I miss the roaring laughter of my family As we reminisce on childhood memories.  
Knuckles clenched white throat like the desert I've caught a sickness with no cure   I'll drive familar roads with the windows down Searching for the remedy A dose to make me feel at ease  
I'm sorry I broke your heartsI'm sorry I disappointed youI'm sorry you were ashamed of meI'm sorry I left you.
Can't you see? Here is not where I want to be. I want to go there, where the weather is nice. And there's never snow or ice. I want to go there, Where our family is. That is where I want to live.
I never understood why people get homesick until I met you.
  All around there’s people crying,
"You only live once", is what they say. But what does that mean? To live is to love,  but you don't only love once.   You love your friends, siblings, parents,
  I can’t sleep. During the day I’m tired. At night I’m awake,  I’m not hungry, I just want to drink. I don’t have money. I want to be alone.
i go to a place i haven't called home in years just as spring disappears around the corner (and gaze in the distance
When I’m homesick I go on google maps. But this time I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. See I know my address and they say home is where the heart is, But the heartbeat here doesn’t sound familiar.
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