Lovesick Homesick

I dare not hope 'cause 

I know it can't happen

Dreams aspired, 

Broken, shattered.

I want to go back home 

where we loved each other

Sure, money was tight 

but we did all right

Back to the time when 

I kicked your shin

instead of the ball

But you didn't get mad.

I wonder if Ms. Scott's 

still there - you know, 

the lady with the

fluffy white hair?

Remember the old Buick 

she steered around,

flyin' over curbs with

that squealing sound?

Have you heard from Marco?

Or his baby brother Pedro?

The little guy cried 

when we moved away

For a promise received

but never reached

Four years of struggles,

secrets, shackles.

Trying to fit in 

but always missing

with the neighbors-not-neighbors

who don't care a dime

wasting our time

With the kids at school

wanting to be cool 

but always failing.

We're older now.  

I've still got you.  

But you've changed,

so have I.

I try not to cry

'cause I miss the people 

we were meant to be.

Distance, distractions,

depression, despair,

kicked aside - to breathe the fresh air

of Community - the love

I had and lost,

that gives when it's got nothing 

and smiles even when 

it's all gone wrong, then

listens with a heart

full of ears and 


So don't make me hope

for a fictional tomorrow

that's a rerun of yesterday.

Let's live a new life today

and LOVE each other.  

Home is where the heart is.


This poem is about: 
My community


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