All around there’s people crying,

It’s obvious this world is dying…

Here on earth, it’s hard to survive,

But up in heaven, I’ll finally feel alive!


I can’t wait ‘til I get to that place,

I’ll finally hear His voice and see His face…

He’ll wipe away every tear from my eyes,

In that place where there’s no goodbyes…


In that place, I will dance and sing

For You, my Lord, my God and King!

Oh Jesus, please take me home!

And let me bow before Your throne!


Down here, Lord, I have a desire:

To please You and start a fire…

This is a prayer, Lord, straight from my heart,

Use me, Lord, and set me apart!


All my crowns to You I bring,

To You, Oh Creator of everything!

I can’t wait to rest in Your arms,

Where You’ll protect me and keep me from harm…


Here on earth, I struggle so much,

But up there I’ll finally feel Your touch…

I’ve never been to this place before,

But, God, I’m homesick, that’s for sure!


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