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I want to make you moan Alyssa But the Smile on your face keep my heart warm I want to do the things Picasso was not doing Spray and pray and everywhere you look is red ink But somebody already leggo'd your eggo
First day, and I can tellthe way you speak, your lessons smell.
To the teacher that ruined my dreams:Thank you.To the teacher that ruined math for me:Thank you.To the teacher that always made me harmony:Thank you.To the teacher that never had time for me:Thank you
We walk. Down the halls, Into to a classroom, Right to our desk. You teach. Boringly, Monotoned, and we sleep. You give us homework. We don't do or stay up till 2. No dresses work for you. Too short, No sleeves, No boobs. We don't care.
Oh great and powerful how knowledgable are thee To conquer my mind in the neck of time I listen and enjoy Blasphemy! I beg to differ for you are the lesser than me
We don't chill anymoreWe rarely talkI'm barely hereI've moved away emotionally The laughter in your presence is forcedMy love for youTainted with remorseSits upon a shelf labeled fragile
From my eyes, I see a world of wonder. A place filled with young day dreamers; A place filled with possibilities. It’s a world that shines in the sunlight, Yet you can only see the reality.  
Classes and books, don’t you forgetYou’re too young, you can’t graduate yetLockers and lunchtime, the people you call friendsThe best days and times they say never ends
  a pain situated in my chest planted there from jaded lust. why is it I’m jealous  when I’m a cut above the rest? ——— i trust her with my life’s fate but my esteem distracts
We used to dance through the field like feral butterflies. Our wings grew and our cat feet lifted off the grass, wind blew us side to side and kissed our bare cheeks.
Forgive me Forgive me for loving you too much Forgive me for not being strong enough For not being able to bear the pain of that love For not having the will to walk away
Evey kiss is imprinted upon my lips I can still feel the heat of you Living on in the memory of a touch An unbelievable softness The velvet of you lips Covering a barley leashed passion
The taste of rejection is heavy and metallic, reminding us bitterly of our own mortality
We the invisible While unforgettable it is easy to forget we are there The misfits the world never bothered what to do with Forgetting our existence while counting us statistics Misplaced we traverse unknown plains
As much as I sit and try to rebel against the religion I was brought up on I pray. I pray that one day my life will be what I hoped for it to be. I pray for happiness. I pray to see the world. I pray for hope.
temptation, lust, decite... tears, pain, defeat my life had been filled with these deformities of life. forgiveness, forgetting, reliving, believing. happiness, wholesomeness, blessings, amazing.
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