From My Eyes

From my eyes, I see a world of wonder.

A place filled with young day dreamers;

A place filled with possibilities.

It’s a world that shines in the sunlight,

Yet you can only see the reality.


From my eyes, I see a world of peace.

There is no fighting on this land,

For we are all brothers and sisters alike.

This place has a society that is sweet and congenial,

But the one you see is dirty and greedy.


From my eyes, I see a world of charity.

It’s a place where sharing is better than giving.

This world is not divided among the poverty and the rich;

This world has only balanced accounts amongst one another.

You wouldn’t be able to survive without having more than the rest.


From my eyes, I see a world of democracy.

Everyone’s opinion matters and is considered carefully.

This place has no social rankings;

Everyone is equal and we are just constrained by one authority figure.

To you, this would be a joke.


From my eyes, I see a world of contentedness.

These people can forgive and forget.

They do not remorse, even if it’s inevitable.

They live for tomorrow or as if they will die in the next minute.

Thus, the nostalgia would kill you in a heartbeat.


From my eyes, I can see a more desirable world.

From your eyes, you can’t see past the horrid reality.

We have different perspectives,

But if you could look past the flaws of our world,

You could see the beauty that’s hidden beneath.



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

like the repetitions after from my eyes

it provides a depth, descriptive outlook of life in your eyes

great job

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