Melodies From The Heart


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temptation, lust, decite...
tears, pain, defeat
my life had been filled with these deformities of life.
forgiveness, forgetting, reliving, believing.
happiness, wholesomeness, blessings, amazing.
Amazingly, i didn't have any of these, until you.
You give me a sense of joy, a passion to please.
A taste of happiness, i'm blessed to be teased
I feel complete when im with you
I feel weak when i miss you
I feel proud just by making you smile
I feel whole....its been a while
Your beauty is astounding....a vision of the heavens to say the least
Your smile is see it is the sweetest treat
I have waited for this feeling all my life. To wait a little longer is simple non the less
Just to say hi, hey, hello, or goodbye before i rest
the simple things in life is what relieves my stress.
and to sum it up i say, your SIMPLY the one for me
The best thing to say is your my love to be.

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